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Cleveland Collegiate Regatta 2011

January 25, 2011 2 comments

Video of 2011 Races
UStream video of the Races – Broad-casted live

If you’re looking for the Fall Regatta click the Head of the Cuyahoga

The Cleveland Collegiate Regatta is an invitational spring regatta held on March 26 2011.  This race is a scrimmage against the local colleges in Cleveland (Cleveland State, John Carrol and Case Western).  This spring regatta offers a low cost & local race for colleges close to North East Ohio.  Other colleges that wish to join please email

Head Coaches of CSU, JCU, and CASE

When: March 26 2011 @ 7 am – 12 pm

Where: CRF Boathouse/Cuyahoga River (Directions) (Map of River)

Course: 500m Qualifying, 1750m Final

Competitors: Collegiate Only


Cleveland Collegiate Regatta Mens Four Race

Cleveland Collegiate Regatta Mens Four Race - Photo by Case Alumni

The race is held at the Cleveland Rowing Foundation Boathouse on the Cuyahoga River and was originally called the Home Schools Regatta.  The race course was previously from the I90 bridge to the end of the Boathouse.  With the move to the new Rivergate boathouse 500 meters downstream, a few changes have been made this year to the course.

Race Course

500m Qualifying Heat – All 3 teams will race and start from upstream of NS1 to Nautica Pavilion.  Lane 1 is the boat closest to the eastside, lane 2 is the middle lane, and lane 3 is closest to the west bank. Top 2 boats will advance to finals and turn around immediately following the race and head back up to NS1 for the Final Race.  Losing boat will head back to the Rivergate Docks accompanied by a launch at Nautica Turn.  In case of bad weather this may change to a time trial.  The first place team from the sprint will get the inside lane (west bank) for the final

Qualifying Race Course - Top 2 boats to final race course

Qualifying Race Course - Top 2 boats to final race course

1750m  Final Race – Top 2 boats will race from upstream of NS1 to the End of Columbus Rd Bridge (Brown Bridge).

Race Course Cleveland Collegiate Regatta 2011

Race Course Cleveland Collegiate Regatta 2011


  • ‘A’ boats are designated as the top 4 rowers.
  • ’B’ boats should be mostly novices/and or bottom 4
  • Mixed 8 race must be 4 men and 4 women in any order.
  • Each team will receive one point for a final heat victory, Qualifying Races do not count for points.
  • All other US Rowing racing rules apply.
  • In the event of a tie, the Mixed 8 will race a 500 meter sprint to determine the winner.


Both flights will leave the dock at 15 minutes prior to the first flight time.

Upon finishing the Sprints and Finals, boats should wait down bound of Columbus Road until next race is finished

unless the finish launch deems it possible to return to the dock.

JCU = 1 Starter, 1 Time Recorder, and 1 Nautica launch operator.Nautica launch will determine heat winners.  Notimes taken for heats. Take heat finish line video.

CWRU = 1 Dockmaster and 1 timer.

CSU = 1 finish line launch and 1 timer.  Take final finish line video.

Schedule of Events

6:15 am – Teams arrive to bring down launches and set up. Coaches to drop buoys at Nautica if necessary
7:00 – coaches, coxswains, and stroke seat meeting

Flight 1
8:00 – Women’s 4 A Heat
8:05 – Men’s 4 B Heat
8:20 – Women’s 4 A Final
8:30 – Men’s 4 B Final

Flight 2
9:00 -Women’s 4 B Heat
9:05 -Men’s 4 A Heat
9:20 -Women’s 4 B Final
9:30 -Men’s 4 A Final

Flight 3
10:00 – Women’s 8 Heat
10:10 – Women’s 8 Final

Flight 4
10:40 – Men’s 8 Heat
10:50 – Men’s 8 Final

Flight 5
11:30 – Mixed 8 Heat
11:40 – Mixed 8 Final

12:00 – Trophy Presentation

12:30 – CSU Alumni vs Current Team Races


You will enter the boathouse from Merwin Ave off of Columbus Rd.  There is a Gate that will be open that you will enter.  Please follow the path back all the way to the boathouse and park on the concrete Slab or on the grass in the area designated below.

You can watch Start and Finish of the Qualifying race at Settler’s Landing. For the Final race you can watch the beginning of the race from settler’s landing but you’ll miss the finish.  If  you want to see the last 30 strokes I’d recommend watching at Hart Crane Memorial Park next to columbus Rd.

NOTE: There is 2 Merwin Avenues and they do not connect! You want the one by the Columbus Rd Bridge (The Brown Bridge), NOT Center St. Bridge (The Red Bridge).

Rivergate Property Details

Rivergate Property Details

Where to spectate

NOTE: You can’t go over the Center Street Bridge

Safety Launches

Start line at NS1

Nautica Turn Launch

Finish Line – Columbus Rd

Cleveland Collegiate Regatta Safety Launches Positions

Cleveland Collegiate Regatta Safety Launches Positions

Red Circles indicate a safety Launch

Timing and Dockmaster

There will be a timer at Columbus Rd with an audible horn to mark a boat crossing the finish line.

There will also be a Dockmaster coordinating traffic on the dock.  Coxswains listen to the dockmaster.

DJ Erik Murdell

Erik Murdell of WRRA will be playing music for your listening pleasure.

Video of last year’s Alumni Races